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Ac Split Service

AC Gas Filling

AC Split Installation

AC Window installation

AC Window Service

AMC services

Biomatric system installation

Buy Geyser

CCTV Cameras

Chimney Installation

Chimney & Hob service

Contoso Natura Product

Cooler service

Electrical Repair

Fan Installation

Fan Repair

General Electrical check up

Geyser installation

Geyser Service

Lamp & lights Installation

Microwave Repair

Other Jobs

R.O. Service

Refrigerator Repair

T V Installation

Washing Machine repair

Window AC on RENT

Window AC service

Customer Price

Rs. 500 INR + This includes visit charge 500 and service.

Rs. 2500 INR + Only Service and basic checkup

Rs. 1800 INR + Only Installation

Rs. 500 INR + without Wood work and other job.

Rs. 350 INR + Charges depend on job done

Rs. 2999 INR + service under amc of 2999 for AC

Rs. 8320 INR + Installation

Rs. 7500 INR + purchase Geyser at 7500/-

Rs. 350 INR + Service and Repair for CCTV Cameras

Rs. 450 INR + New Chimney Installation with out pipe charge

Rs. 750 INR + Starting from Rs 750/- Only Dry Service

Rs. 200 INR + Service As Per company policy.

Rs. 350 INR + Cooler service

Rs. 200 INR + MCB ,Fuse repair ,Power outlet ,Switch change ,Regulator change

Rs. 200 INR + All kind of fan installation

Rs. 200 INR + Celling Fan and other fan

Rs. 175 INR + Electrical appliance check up

Rs. 350 INR + Installation with out Pipe and Fastner

Rs. 350 INR + Repair Service till 35 ltrs

Rs. 175 INR + Installation of light and Lamp

Rs. 350 INR + Microwave

Rs. 250 INR + visit charges

Rs. 350 INR + Visit Charge

Rs. 500 INR + visit charge

Rs. 200 INR + TV /LED TV installation without stand

Rs. 350 INR + Visiting charge

Rs. 7500 INR + Without Security and installation (wood work)

Rs. 340 INR + Window AC service